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7-Star Stories: First Date

Our mission is to create “7-star experiences” for our guests. The obvious irony of that aspiration is that star-ratings go up to 5! We can only strive for those heights by pushing ourselves to utilize our talents fully and by finding creative ways to improve our guests’ experience. Often, in doing so, we end up with great memories ourselves.

Last week, Breakout had the privilege to host a first date. Spending 60-minutes solving puzzles in a room together is quite the high-stakes first outing! In our lobby we got to chat about their post-game dinner plans, other local favorite cuisines, and what brought them out to Breakout for their first adventure together. And then… their journey began!

Details about the occasion reached our Game Master Room, and we were soon a part of the excitement. While giving hints and following their progress, we began to appreciate how special a seat we had at their evening. Sure enough, the two of them made a great team and broke out with some time to spare! As Game Masters, we felt like we had watched a partnership form in real time. We can’t say where they will go from here, but we can say they shared 60 minutes of creative problem solving, impressive teamwork, and strong communication.

Well – we can say they went out to dinner afterwards – they had told us as much! We were truly grateful for the chance to be a part of their night, and we wanted to leave a token of thanks. We called the restaurant and ordered an appetizer for them over the phone to try and make their experience unforgettably above-and-beyond.

First dates at Breakout are not a common occurrence, and our goal is to make any game at Breakout a special occasion, regardless of what brings a guest through our doors. But that night reminded us that we can be a part of incredible moments – it’s how we thrive.

As a wonderful “circle of life” moment, earlier this week we had the joy of helping set up a proposal in one of our rooms. Opportunities to be a part of such great memories remind us why we do what we do. And who knows, perhaps the team we hosted last week will bring their Breakout adventure full circle some day!


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