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Start with WHY

We have lots of little catchphrases that help check our value-based approach to business. One of the widest nets we cast is the phrase, “start with Why.” This week, we’re digging into what that means and what its embodiment looks like in a leader. What it means: motivation is the most important part of accomplishment. We can do almost anything if we are sufficiently motivated. HOW, WHAT, and WHO are solvable problems; logistical questions that can be planned, figured out, and ultimately answered. WHY is subjective. It is individual, unique to each of us, and by far the most…

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7-Star Stories: First Date

Our mission is to create “7-star experiences” for our guests. The obvious irony of that aspiration is that star-ratings go up to 5! We can only strive for those heights by pushing ourselves to utilize our talents fully and by finding creative ways to improve our guests’ experience. Often, in doing so, we end up with great memories ourselves. Last week, Breakout had the privilege to host a first date. Spending 60-minutes solving puzzles in a room together is quite the high-stakes first outing! In our lobby we got to chat about their post-game dinner plans, other local favorite…

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