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Episode 21: Enneagram: What is your type?

Jason and Cassie introduce our series on the Enneagram. There will be four episodes to follow that will explain what the Enneagram is and why it can be personally useful to you. Types and Triads?! What are they? After these four episodes, you will understand more about your type and how that affects your relationships and your internal examination. Each part will have a guest that falls in the Enneagram triad that the episode covers. Stay tuned for some enlightening discussion!

There are many different places to take the test but the Enneagram Institute is a good place to start. Be sure to take the test before you dive into the other episodes and check out this Spotify playlist 🎹 When you know your type, you can own it. When you don’t, it can own you. 🚀

Have your team take the test as well, as it can be a wonderful discussion starter!

Our Enneagram types, for reference/fun:

Jason – 8w7

Cassie – 1w9

Ben – 4w3


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