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First, Break All the Rules Pt. 4: Find the Right Fit

In the final installment of FBATR, Jason sits down with three Breakout RODs, Chris , Brian, and Adam, to discuss the fourth key: Find the Right Fit. Watch as they discuss how to go about finding the right roles for the members of your team. How do you help your team discover their ‘right fit’? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Laine says:

    These are some really great insights guys! Thanks so much for taking the time and sharing these. I love using the DISC personality test as a way to encourage self reflection and inspire growth on my team. Personality tests aren’t always black and white, so these are better used to start the conversation rather than to finish it, but I have found that when we start to analyze our own strengths and weaknesses we are better able to lead. I love to look over their results with them and ask them which parts they identify most with. The DISC also includes teaching and learning styles in the final results section, so it helps me to know how to coach different team members individually. The other thing that’s great about it, is it encourages us to focus on our strengths and accept the things we aren’t so great at. We all can’t be good at everything, but if we are actively aware of our struggles, then we know when to ask for help and who to lean on when we need to. We also know which roles to shoot for when we are really aware of what we can bring to the table. If anybody is interested in the DISC test, we love the Tony Robbins version and you can take it for free online!

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