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First, Break All the Rules Pt. 3: Focus on Strengths

We’re back again this week with Jason and Brad to talk about the third key of First, Break All the Rules: Focus on Strengths. What is the benefit of focusing on the strengths of your team members? How do you spend time with each of your team members to focus on their strengths? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Carol Mcgimpsey says:

    Another great episode. Most don’t know this about me, but I was in restaurant management for 25+ years before deciding to get my masters degree in social work. I have always seen the good in people and even in an industry that focused on skills rather than talent and treating people as bodies rather than souls, I was always able to select and grow top producers. I think that’s one of my talents. I know and understand people. I loved the part where you were speaking on knowing your own weakness, that took me a while to realize that I did choose certain people to do the jobs that either I knew I wasn’t good at (tech stuff) or didn’t want to do (smaller/ detail oriented stuff). I found team members that enjoyed them things and empowered them to take that lead, I was still part of the process, but I truly believe that it takes a village and focusing on my strengths and adding their strengths give the team the balance that’s needed for everyday function to happen naturally. And I also agree that talking to your team, getting constant feedback, and including them on decisions made (usually for or about them) helps to identify the strengths and the weakness to then set baselines to grow from. Sometimes where we meet people is exactly where they are meant to be and sometimes we meet people that have no idea where they are going and just need a lil push to get there.

    • Jason Thompson says:

      Great stuff Carol. I have a question for you. Other than the obvious answer of ego, why do you think its difficult for us to admit our weaknesses? I am interested specifically in how this applies to empowering others to fill in gaps where leaders are weak.

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