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New Year, New You

The start of the New Year is often a time of self-reflection, goal setting, and declaring personal development aspirations. Often, the final days of the year are spent plotting and planning how starting January 1st things will be different. We enter the year full of fervor and energy and excitement to become a “new me,” taking on personal and professional goals and intentions. But how often do we hit the middle of January and already feel ourselves puttering out of steam? The initial high from the start of the new calendar year is wearing off and pure determination is proving to not be enough. By the start of February, so often we have shelved those development goals, hoping to get after them the following year.

January can be one of the most motivating and defeating months of the entire year.

Here at Orange Consulting, we place a high value on development. Our value “Be Better” isn’t just because it sounds good, but because we believe in it wholeheartedly. In this one life we’re living, we should always be growing, always learning, always engaging in ways to be better versions of ourselves. With this in mind, our team is among those that started off 2019 with self-reflection, reviews and new goals set. But also with a plan.

Results aren’t attainable without action. To become better, we have to commit to two things: 1) a plan and 2) resilience. Many of us here at HQ created 90-day plans to help us navigate the January slump and keep making strides towards the goals we’ve set for this new year. We’ve invited accountability in to help keep us on target. And we’ve committed to not give up, even if we fall behind. By sticking with a 90-day roadmap, we’re making promises to self to push through the first quarter of the year and create routines for our development the whole year long.

Remember, there is nothing magical about January. If you didn’t commit to goals, intentions or resolutions for the new year, I encourage you to get started now. It’s not too late to make your plan and put it into action. Results don’t come overnight. And they don’t happen without a plan. You’ll never regret investing time and energy into bettering yourself, personally or professionally. Join us here at Orange Consulting and let’s “Be Better.”


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