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Team Member Spotlight: Katelynn

Jason and Colin are back this week with Katelynn, the Breakout Hospitality Director to talk about putting yourself in the customer’s shoes, cookies, and Shakespeare. Let us know your strategies for putting yourself in the customer’s shoes in the comments below!

[youtube v=”MwJnEFAUcyw”]

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  1. Basher says:

    I use my extreme aversion to conflict (holla atcha Enneagram 9) to hasten a solution.

    I know it’s unlikely that I’ll change a guest’s entire perception of an event, even if I do a really good job of explaining why I think they’re wrong, so I assure them right away that I’m eager to help them reach a solution. Once they know you’re not there to just prove your point, they drop their guard and become more receptive to questions, which in turn allows you to put Katelynn’s advice into action.

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