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Developing the Leader Within You – Chapter 6

[youtube v=”xwGmkoS5sqY”] We’re back again this week with an extra special Christmas edition of the Vlog in which we talk about Chapter 6 of Developing the Leader Within You, AND we learn what Brad and Jason are doing for Christmas. We’ll discuss what may trigger bad attitudes in leaders and how you can prepare to handle those triggers, as well as a “totally-sounds-like-an-ad-read-but-isn’t” segment where Brad tells us what he asked Santa to bring him this year. What did you ask Santa to bring you this year? Happy Holidays!


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  1. Basher says:

    Unlike Brad, I often assume the best about most people and worry about being too naive. The negative attitude then is focused more inward than towards other people, often leading to being overly self-critical.

    Another area where my attitude can be checked is in believing what I’m doing matters. There are times where I feel like my influence is waning or I’m simply “babysitting” some people trying to play a game. Refocusing on the fact that very small attitudes and actions can have a huge influence on other people, and thinking about the times I’ve been changed by experiencing an event helps me to consider the importance of the role I’m playing in guests/team member’s lives.

  2. Alex Tensi says:

    Whens the next videos coming??

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