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New Show! The Bruzz (with Bryce and Jason)

Check out the pilot episode of a brand new show called The Bruzz (it’s Bryce + Buzz. Get it?!) Each week we’ll catch up with Bryce on all things marketing and pop culture. This week we talk about the upcoming holiday season,  Selena Gomez, and much, much more. Also, Jason somehow manages to segue the conversation to be about tea.


3 Responses

  1. First Sus says:

    Wow. This was amazing. I will watch all of these.

  2. First Sus says:

    Lastly, I’m crushed about Jonathon.

  3. Basher says:

    Niall is pronounced (Nye-uhl)..you know, my son’s name.

    Also, will we be shipping gift cards/vouchers this year? Nashville had lots of remote buyers who weren’t going to be in town, but still wanted to get the gift card box.

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