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Creating Emotional Experiences

Creating an emotional experience is really important in our industry.  A recent article on inc.com explains why.  Here is an excerpt.

“Experience is about the emotions we have when we interact with brands. I believe we’re not just marketers anymore. We’re not even stewards of experience. We’re ambassadors of experience and we own the milliseconds that make up the journeys that our customers travel with us on in our marketing, in our sales, our support, and increasingly, even in the products we design and develop,” said John Mellor, Vice President of Strategy, Alliances and Marketing, Adobe. “We know that if those experiences are rewarding, that our customers will have an even greater connection with our brand.”

“I like this notion of all of us becoming experience ambassadors and instead of having a hierarchy where somebody at the top dictates what’s going to happen for the entire customer experience, we have people iterating constantly on the portion of the customer experience that they’re responsive for and I think that’s a huge culture shift,” said Nick Drake, Senior Vice President of Digital, T-Mobile.


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