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Design Thinking: The Backwards Approach

Since joining the Breakout Games and Orange Perspective teams I’ve been learning a lot about entrepreneurship and the start-up culture of our workplace. A new season is upon us as we dive into the process of developing, designing and launching a new concept and adding to our family of brands at Orange Consulting; the energy around the Warehouse HQ is palpable. This type of creative, fast-paced, think-tank development feels heroic, as each decision is made to create an extraordinary experience for our target: our guests. In business there exists the concept of Design Thinking, which is to start with…

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The Enneagram & Work: Why Self-Awareness Matters

When I took over as the Director of Marketing for Breakout seven months ago, I immediately sought out knowledge in all forms regarding leadership and management. Leading a healthy, happy, effective team was new territory for me. But leadership concepts are about a dime a dozen these days. There are endless books, podcasts, lectures, TED talks, etc. available in the market to learn from. The volume can be overwhelming. Where do you start? Which principle is most important? Is there something I’m missing that’s going to screw my team up? These were all honest questions and the information out…

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Be Better: A Look Into the Enneagram

Do Good. Be Better. Have Fun.

In case you haven’t yet been enlightened by an onboarding talk with Jason Thompson, these are the values of Orange Consulting. It is the lens through which we look at every obstacle and opportunity in our business, but the hope is that it wouldn’t stop there. These are values that bring a big impact if carried over into other areas of life.

One way that we’ve been learning to “be better” in HQ lately has been diving into learning and understanding the Enneagram.

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